The words in the interview answers and the essays are all mine. No edits.
An Alternative History (English): 
An Alternative History (German):
Karo Akpokiere Brittlepaper interview:
Essay: Moving between fine art and graphic design:
Karo Akpokiere Videobrasil interview:
Karo Akpokiere Griffelkunst, Hamburg interview (English):
Karo Akpokiere Griffelkunst, Hamburg interview (German):
Karo Akpokiere: Three periods of engagement with the Bauhaus:
AWCA ( A Whitespace Creative Agency, Lagos) interview:
Karo Akpokiere Oliberte Footwear interview:
Emeka Ogboh in conversation with Karo Akpokiere:
Article on Graphic Design in Lagos, Nigeria for Warpstyle, Japan:
Contemporary And interview: Karo Akpokiere: on drawing shoes and movement:
Uli-Museum interview:
Design Magazine South Africa:
Design Indaba: Nigerian graphic designer stumbles onto the world's art stage:
Clam Magazine interview:
Making Africa Interview (English). Video
BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) exhibition (video):
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