Drawings in circles and out of them
Print edition for Griffelkunst Vereinigung e.V, Hamburg

Drawing as an activity that facilitates communication holds my interest in two distinct ways. The first point of interest revolves around how drawing can be used to project political, social and personal realities and the second point of interest concerns itself with harnessing the power that drawing offers for ‘play’; play as a metaphor for spontaneous, creative freedom and the making of open-ended narratives that may be fictive or non-fictive or a combination of both.

In my work, there is the constant tussle between the first and second points of interest, a tussle that usually revolves around determining what interest should occupy my thoughts at any point in time. For my Griffelkunst print edition, I decided to go with the second point of interest. My edition consisting of six images is titled “Drawings in circles and out of them” and it is based of off a terribly inconsistent drawing project I started in 2012 in Cape Town, South Africa.

This ongoing drawing series is loosely inspired by Hajime Ouchi’s “Japanese Optical and Geometrical Art” book. In viewing the content of this book, I started considering the possibility of making drawings that employ the closed form of circles and the illusion of motion they possess as a point of departure to create new forms where the balance between illusory motion and stillness is amplified. Spontaneity is a major feature in the creation of these drawings with one line informing the creation of the next and a gradual build up of forms plus contrast in the right places leading to the final image.


Swinging on a loose thread - 1
Distinct spots on an unravelling heart - 2
Lea’s fascination - 3
The Cape Town Cyclist - 4
Eintritt frei Labyrinth - 5
Too burdened to fly - 6

Dimensions: DIN A3  
Print technique: screenprint
Printer: Martin Samuel, Berlin
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