Always, Never
One minute, you are young and on every list. Everyone can’t get enough of you!
The next minute, you are living a life of relative obscurity. Creating while being invisible.

Then you die and are maybe celebrated. Everyone can’t get enough of you!

A way to engage with the work Always, Never, would be to loosely reflect on the words of Jadakiss from The L.O.X song Recognize:

“Too hard for MTV, not black enough for BET”

While Jadakiss’ words speak to an undefined sense of belonging and exclusion along racial and identity lines, Always, Never, speaks to these along durational lines. It asks the question: how does one navigate the artworld’s hierarchical lines of value which place a premium on age without feeling stuck?

How do you deal with change?

How do you?
Always, Never is currently showing at the group exhibition Coming of Age until 21st January 2024. 
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